White House aide fired after reportedly clashing with Stephen Miller over refugee numbers

“This is a disaster for the bureau. She is really a good ally.”

(Anonymous State Department official)

That quote above is all you need to know!  If the Deep-staters at the US State Department consider her an ally, then she needed to go.

stephen miller serious

She reportedly butted heads with Stephen Millier

As I’ve been mentioning, this is the time of the year when Administration wrangling over refugees really begins to heat up.  That is because the President submits his determination to Congress in September in which he tells them how many refugees and from where they will come when the feds begin to admit the next batch of refugees for the next fiscal year (FY19 begins October 1).

I told you here that State Department resettlement contractors want 75,000 in the coming year. It looks like this year will barely break the 20,000 mark setting a record for the least number of refugees entering the US since the Refugee Act of 1980 was signed in to law by Jimmy Carter.***

For new readers, the contractors are paid on a per refugee head basis, so there is never any incentive for them to take a breather and agree to slow the flow.

The article at Foreign Policy says that the ousted staffer was a Trumper since the campaign days. But, then I wonder why she was so cozy with the career professional resettlers in the State Department who are working to undermine (through leaks to contractors and the media) the President’s policy on refugees.

Foreign Policy:

White House Official Who Advocated for Refugees Sacked and Escorted From Office

A senior White House official, Jennifer Arangio, was fired Thursday and escorted from her office, ending a turbulent tenure that saw her clashing with President Donald Trump’s most hard-line advisors over human rights and refugee issues, according to several current and former U.S. officials.

The officials said Arangio, a senior director for international organizations and alliances at the National Security Council, had fallen out of favor with Trump aide Stephen Miller over the number of refugees who should be allowed to enter the United States.

Jennifer Arangio

Arangio bio here:   https://www.commandcg.com/jarangio_bio.html

She had also sparred with Miller over continuing U.S. participation in international negotiations on a global migration compact, insisting that the United States could better shape international policies on migration from inside the tent.

She lost the argument, but Miller remained embittered by the rift, the officials said. When Arangio sought his endorsement for a position in the State Department, he refused to take a meeting with her.

Adding to the tension, Arangio had defended the State Department’s embattled refugee bureau amid campaigns by other top Trump aides to dismantle or defund it — efforts that were ultimately rebuffed by Congress.

“This is a disaster for the bureau,” one State Department official said. “She is really a good ally.”

The White House refused to answer questions on Arangio’s removal, which was first reported by Politico. “We don’t comment on personnel matters,” a spokesman said.

Arangio had been investigated internally a year ago for allegedly bullying a White House subordinate. But there was no indication that the issue was the reason for her dismissal.

She failed to secure the leadership of an important UN job for Trump’s pick. Because the entire international open borders Left, including our refugee contractors, were against him, I wonder did she try hard enough?

One of her duties was to promote the administration’s controversial candidate for a top international migration job. It ended in a high-profile failure. In June, United Nations members voted against appointing Ken Isaacs, the Trump administration’s handpicked candidate, to head the International Organization for Migration. [The IOM is part of the UN now, and Trump really should consider cutting funding to the pro-more-refugees-for-America organization.—ed]

The vote was seen as a sharp rebuke of the president.

Isaacs, the vice president at Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, caught flak during his candidacy for past social media posts and radio interviews in which he disparaged Muslims. He denied he was anti-Islam.

More here.

***Just remember that lowering the numbers is not enough.  Once Donald Trump leaves office they will go full steam ahead to make up for ‘lost time.’   The law itself must be reformed and the first thing that must go are the resettlement contractors listed below!

Here are the big nine ‘non-profit’ organizations that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US.

I post these as often as I can because new readers need to know that these quasi-government groups (funded with taxpayer dollars) are also politically pushing for more immigration of all sorts (legal and illegal) in Washington—they are not simply refugee advocates and babysitters.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.