What is wrong with Minnesota? A Scandal Trifecta….

“How dumb are we? Honestly, I think it is impossible to plumb the depths of our stupidity.”

(John Hinderaker at Powerline blog)


“A Scandal Trifecta” is what John Hinderaker at Powerline blog is calling the latest news from the state where ‘Minnesota nice’ takes on new meaning almost daily.

Sorry, I know a lot of good smart Minnesotans, but just now when I wrote about Sweden likely being the first European nation to fall to the Islamists, it struck me as interesting that Swedes in past centuries populated Minnesota…hmmm…is there some defect in the genes?  A gene that is driving people to succumb to invasion? A suicide gene?

One of my top posts in recent days is this one—You are old and white and we are taking over Minnesota!

suitcase with cash

Everyone has been sending me this latest news about millions in cash leaving Minnesota for Africa, much of it alleged to have been generated by welfare fraud perpetrated by a certain group of Africans the Minnesota nice people (the infidels) continue to welcome to the state.


I wrote about the daycare fraud mentioned in the latest news here and here in 2014 and 2015.

Here is Hinderaker at Powerline quoting from a local Fox 9 investigation:



In the Twin Cities, a local television station uncovers a far-reaching scandal: last year, more than $100 million in cash left the Twin Cities airport in carry-on luggage, bound for the Middle East and Africa:

This story begins at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where mysterious suitcases filled with cash have become a common carry-on.

On the morning of March 15, Fox 9 chased a tip about a man who was leaving the country. Sources said he took a carry-on bag through security that was packed with $1 million in cash. Travelers can do that, as long as they fill out the proper government forms.

Fox 9 learned that these cloak-and-dagger scenarios now happen almost weekly at MSP. The money is usually headed to the Middle East, Dubai and points beyond. Sources said last year alone, more than $100 million in cash left MSP in carry-on luggage.


Great. But the real scandal is where the money came from in the first place–welfare fraud:


2014: Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) charged with 52 felony counts in day care fraud investigation. 

Five years ago the Fox 9 Investigators were first to report that daycare fraud was on the rise in Minnesota, exposing how some businesses were gaming the system to steal millions in government subsidies meant to help low-income families with their childcare expenses.

“It’s a great way to make some money,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

In order for the scheme to work, the daycare centers need to sign up low income families that qualify for child care assistance funding.

Surveillance videos from a case prosecuted by Hennepin County show parents checking their kids into a center, only to leave with them a few minutes later. Sometimes, no children would show up.

Either way, the center would bill the state for a full day of childcare.

Video from that same case shows a man handing out envelopes of what are believed to be kickback payments to parents who are in on the fraud.

Evidently welfare fraud in various forms is widespread in Minnesota’s Somali immigrant community. This is, I think, generally known, but the scale of fraud disclosed here is astonishing….

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Hinderaker concludes with this:

How dumb are we? Honestly, I think it is impossible to plumb the depths of our stupidity.

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Minnesota nice people because at least this fraud is being investigated in your state.

I’ll bet that in other states—heavily populated with Somalis, California, Ohio, Maine, Washington and others—the investigations have not even begun!  

When you look back at my posts in 2014 and 2015 (linked above) note that I reported on the special federal grant programs (Office of Refugee Resettlement) for special people to set up “culturally appropriate” day care facilities for the refugee ‘community.’

If you have a lot of time, see my Minnesota archive here.  Someone needs to pull it all together in a book—Minnesota as the canary in a coal mine, just as Sweden is for Europe.

What can you do? 

Contact the White House and tell the President that there must be a nationwide Department of Justice investigation in to the suitcases full of cash leaving America for Africa and tell them to find out where the boodle is coming from.  Is it from state and federal taxpayer generosity?

The White House contact link is in upper right hand column here at RRW.