US has greatest number of asylum claims of any country in world, far surpassing Germany!

I’ve been warning that the US must not become Germany, but this morning I see that we are there already! 

Merkel and Trump

Dear Donald: Follow Angela Merkel’s lead on asylum seekers at your great peril!

Before I give you the latest news about the numbers, you need to know that asylum is just another side of the refugee coin.

The only difference is that, in the case of refugees we admit through the US Refugee Admissions Program, we screen them (supposedly), pick them up abroad, and fly them to the US.

In the case of asylum seekers, they get to the US on their own initiative and then ask for asylum and that is what is happening at the southern border this very minute—-tens of thousands claiming they are entitled to asylum.

(For those who are scratching your heads and asking why we aren’t just loading them up and sending them back across the border, if they claim asylum (as per the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees), we must hear their claims.  They are all being trained by Leftist handlers to ask for asylum.)

The rub is that, whether a refugee brought in by the US State Department or a Salvadoran at our border claiming asylum, they are supposed to be able to prove (1951 Convention) that if returned to their country of origin he/she would be persecuted because of race, religion, nationality, political belief or membership in a particular social group.

Most of the migrants coming to our border (and to the border of Europe) are economic migrants.  That does not make them refugees!

Nor are they legitimate refugees because their home country is a hell hole and there is gang violence.  In fact, you will notice in the definition that war isn’t even a legitimate excuse to grant refugee status to someone seeking asylum.

The international Open Borders Left has been (for at least the decade I’ve followed the issue) attempting to muddy the definition of a ‘refugee.’

They want you to think that anyone on the move for any reason is a legitimate refugee.

And, by the way, once granted asylum, the migrant is eligible for welfare and on his or her way to citizenship.

So we are now in the same giant mess that Europe is in and it is because there has been no political will to stop the trickle before it became deluge!

Does Donald have the will?

From the Huffington Post:

The United States Is Now The Global Leader In Asylum Requests, The UN Says

The United States fielded more new asylum requests than any other country last year, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency, even as the Trump administration has been employing stricter measures to keep people out.

The number of new applications for asylum in the U.S. increased by 27 percent from 2016 to 2017, reaching 331,700, according to the “Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2017” report. The U.S. surpassed Germany, which fielded 198,300 applications.

The U.N. report was published Tuesday before World Refugee Day…


The latest numbers are in line with the steady increase in asylum claims coming from Central America that the U.S. has seen since 2013.

“Similar to last year, applicants from the [northern region of Central America] made up 43 percent of all claims, and the number of claims increased by 44 percent, reaching levels not seen since the 1980s,” the study said. The applicants consist mainly of people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras who are fleeing gang violence. [Gang violence is NOT a reason to grant asylum!—-ed]

This is the problem! Where will these people live if it takes years to process their claim?

Even once people have put in their asylum requests, the system is so backlogged ― there were 311,000 pending cases as of January ― that a decision can take years.

Only 65,600 asylum decisions were made in the U.S. in 2017, the U.N. report said, making the U.S. home to the largest asylum-seeking population in the world.

Erol Kekic

For once I agree with Kekic!  Get these asylum claims moving.  BTW, Church World Service will benefit from more asylees because once granted asylum they become refugees entitled to all the benefits that CWS is paid (by you) to provide them.

“This backlog has grown by more than 1,750 percent over the last five years, and the rate of new asylum applications has more than tripled,” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said. The agency announced in January that it would be scheduling interviews for more recent applications, prioritizing new entrants over those who have already been waiting years for a decision.

“Asylum is a slow process in the U.S. and it’s always been sort of a neglected activity within our judicial system.

Never really have adequate resources been allocated to this particular legal component of the work,” said Erol Kekic, executive director of the immigration and refugee program at the Church World Service, a global humanitarian agency.

The political will to deal with the asylum issue hasn’t been strong enough over the last 15 to 20 years, meaning that the government doesn’t have the personnel in place to make the process more efficient, Kekic said.

More here.

Yes, no political will!

Why? Because the vast majority of these migrants DO NOT HAVE LEGITIMATE CLAIMS TO ASYLUM and once they are rejected (a few years down the road) no one has the will to deport them!  And, that is, assuming they ever showed up for their day in court to begin with!  Most are simply released and forgotten.

All of Europe is in the same place—ruled by fear and weak leaders—permitting the invasion.

The President must detain all of the illegal migrants (no matter what it costs) and sort them out. No more catch and release! Or, he will become Angela Merkel!

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