Trump travel ban morphs into new list, extra vetting

Big deal!

Where is the Refugee Determination!

We are still waiting  to hear what the Trump Administration is going to do with the Presidential Determination on how many refugees (and from where they will come) starting in 6 days.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a US territory and you know we will need to help them! So, on top of that financial burden, is Trump getting ready to invite 40,000-50,000 third worlders to the US beginning next week when so many people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are homeless?

In six days you could see a new wave of 40,000-50,000 third worlders begin arriving in your towns and cities as American refugees suffer in the wake of  three major hurricanes

Although Trump lumped the two issues together in his first Executive Order….

Don’t get the refugee ‘determination’ confused with this latest so-called ‘travel ban’ issue especially because while adding Venezuela and North Korea (few come to the US anyway!), Trump won’t do extra scrutiny of the refugees arriving in potentially large numbers from Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma (Rohingya!).  He even took Sudan off the list!

(See Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily on the Rohingya, here.  And, see Politico on the latest list of countries with new restrictions on travel.)

We are six days away from the new fiscal year!

Where is the State Department report to Congress, where is the consultation with Congress, where is the publication in the Congressional Record of the consultation, and where are the House and Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that are supposed to proceed the final determination (See the steps set out in the Refugee Act of 1980, here.)?

America First!

The politically smart move for Trump now is to suspend the Refugee Admissions Program for FY18, for at least 6 months until American people are back on their feet!

And, he could tell Congress to hold oversight hearings on the USRAP with an eye to trashing the system altogether or reforming it!