Trump Administration likely to come in at half the number of refugees they had signaled could be admitted

In September of last year, the Trump Administration set the CEILING for refugee admissions at 45,000 for the fiscal year that began October 1, 2017.

As of the last day of August the number actually admitted so far is 19,899. 

Trump and Bush

Previously George Bush held the record for the lowest number of refugee admitted to the US. President Trump is set to break that record.

That would be an average monthly admissions rate of 1,809 for FY18. Assuming that rate continues (although August was below average at 1,685), total admissions for the year will come in at less than 22,000 for the entire fiscal year.

I looked around to see if I saw any anti-Trump screeches from the federal refugee contractors***,  but not so far. Maybe they are all at the beach.

Here (below) is a map from Wrapsnet showing where this year’s ‘New Americans’ were placed.

See how ‘welcoming’ your state has been this year!

Hint! Texas and Ohio top the list!

Top Ten States!

I know the map numbers are hard to read, but know that the top ten ‘welcoming’ states are these:

Texas, Ohio, Washington, California, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Georgia.

Top sending countries!


From FY14-FY18 the US State Department has admitted 44,983 from the DR Congo. Will we stop at 50,000? I doubt it because we rarely ever stop even after we have surpassed the number we promised the UN!

Top countries from which we took refugees were: DR Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Ukraine, and Eritrea. (In 2013, the Obama Administration told the UN we would take 50,000 from their camps for Congolese, see here.)

Muslim numbers

Of the FY18 total of 19,899 refugees, 2,916 were Muslims with Burma sending us the top number (these would likely be Rohingya) and Afghanistan follows as a close second.

Somali numbers are way down to 231 so far this year.

A small number from the DR Congo are Muslims.

Not the whole story!

In a subsequent post I’ll tell you how many Special Immigrant Visa holders were admitted from Afghanistan and Iraq this year.  They are treated just like refugees and are placed by the usual gang of federal contractors.


August data wrapsnet

august data map


Don’t forget that during this month, the President will set a new CEILING and you need to let him know what you want!

I’m suggesting ZERO until Congress undertakes to reform the whole US Refugee Admissions Program.

***These below are the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors.

You might be sick of seeing this list almost every day, but a friend once told me that people need to see something seven times before it completely sinks in, so it seems to me that 70, or even 700 isn’t too much!

And, besides I have new readers every day.

The present US Refugee Admissions Program will never be reformed if the system of paying the contractors by the head stays in place and the contractors are permitted to act as Leftwing political agitation groups and community organizers paid on our dime! And, to add insult to injury they pretend it is all about ‘humanitarianism.’

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  And, get them registered to vote eventually!

From my most recent accounting, here.  However, please see that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done an update of their income!