Trump Administration is protecting child border-crossers, as Dems demand they be reunited with crooks and liars

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Seen around the world: Naive and ignorant Americans protest in New York City in June!


You’ve probably heard snatches of information about how some of the ‘parents’ of children separated as they crossed the US border illegally were not even the parents of the children too young to speak for themselves, but only snatches because the mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear the truth.

So the White House has put out some data that you need to keep handy when discussing the issue with friends and family who are swallowing the Left’s talking points to paint the Trump Administration in the most evil terms.

I was planning to post this today anyway, but am tickled that John Binder at Breitbart had already written it up, so I only need to direct you to his story below.

Always remember readers that the Open Borders Left wants you to think the illegal border jumpers are REFUGEES. They are not! 

They would have to prove in an asylum process that they would be persecuted for things like race, religion, political persuasion etc. if returned to their home country.

Running from crime and seeking employment are not legitimate reasons to claim refugee status.

Binder at Breitbart:

Feds: 1-in-5 Illegal Aliens Crossing with Toddlers Are Criminals, a Danger

About 1-in-5 illegal alien adults crossing the United States-Mexico border with toddlers under the age of five are either criminals, not the child’s parent, or present some other danger to the child.

A new report released by the White House finds that of the 102 border crossing toddlers who were mandated by the courts to be reunited with the illegal alien adults they arrived with, 21 of the adults were found to be unfit to be reunited with the toddlers they crossed with.

This means that about 1-in-5 illegal alien adults arriving in the U.S. with toddlers are not eligible to have those children placed back in their care and custody after being separated at the border.

The White House outlined the cases of the 21 illegal alien adults who are unfit to be reunited with the toddlers they arrived with. Those cases include:

11 of the illegal aliens have criminal records:

Warrant for murder in Guatemala
Child cruelty and narcotics convictions
Suspected transnational criminal organization involvement and human trafficking
Outstanding criminal warrant in El Salvador
2 DUI convictions
Significant criminal history including assault conviction
Outstanding warrant in Florida for DUI
DUIs, assault, stolen vehicle
Robbery conviction
Wanted by El Salvador
Criminal charges including assault

7 of the illegal aliens not the parents of the toddler:

Adult said he is uncle, not father
Negative DNA match, adult indicated he is not the child’s father
Adult said she is grandmother, not mother
During DNA testing, adult disclosed she is not the child’s mother
Negative DNA match, still under investigation
Adult disclosed that she is grandmother, not the parent
Adult presented false birth certificate, still under investigation

2 of the illegal aliens present a danger to the toddler:

Before court order, adult was required to submit information and fingerprints of other adults in household where she will live with the child; background check on adult male in household shows an active warrant for aggravated criminal sexual assault of a 10-year-old female.

Child made allegations of abuse against adult

1 of the illegal aliens has a communicable disease:

Parent is being treated for communicable disease in ICE custody

More here.

Your job now is to spread this news far and wide because the mainstream media sure isn’t going to do it!