The titans face off in Berlin (Orban vs. Merkel)

Invasion of Europe news…..

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban traveled to Germany this week for a pow-wow with Angela (Mama) Merkel over, what else, migrants.


orban and merkel

Hey, Mr. President, you have had Merkel to the White House, it is now time to invite Orban. Ask him how well his border fence is working and watch media heads explode!


Here (below) is just one of many accounts of what happened.

Merkel: Unlike you, we are humanitarians. (La-La land language!)

Orban: We do believe in solidarity with you—our fences are helping to stem the flow of invaders to Germany. (Realist language)

From ABC News:

Germany’s Merkel and Hungary’s Orban get testy in public over how to handle refugees

The starkly contrasting approaches Germany and Hungary’s leaders have taken toward refugees were on public display Thursday when they clashed during a press conference.

“The viewpoint of Hungary and Germany is quite different,” when it comes to the treatment of migrants and asylum-seekers from Africa and the Middle East, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint news conference held with visiting Hungarian leader Viktor Orban.

Merkel—-we will keep our souls even if it means we lose Western Civilization:

“I believe — and this is the difference –,” said Merkel, “Europe’s soul is humanity. And if we want to keep that soul, … then [Europe] must not close itself off.”


Hungary border fence (2)

 Orban’s two-step with Merkel: Our fence is working!


Orban responded by praising Hungary’s fenced off borders with Serbia and Croatia, which he said were guarded “by 8,000 armed men,” there to keep migrants out of Hungary and, Orban noted, out of central European places like Germany.

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