Story about terror case piqued my interest because of Maryland and drones

Did you follow the case of Mohamed Elshinawy sentenced to 20 years for helping plan a terror attack on US soil (worked with ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood abroad)?

Elshinawy, an Egyptian, lived in Maryland as he worked with Egyptians abroad.


Maryland terror plotter:  Mohamed Elshinawy

One part of their plans involved using drones as weapons.

I never did tell you that a guy named Mohammed (not this one!) ‘lost’ a drone on my farm over a year ago.  That is all I am going to tell you, but know that you need to all follow what is happening with drones (used for fun and for war). I do.

I spent a few minutes searching around for any information on Elshinawy’s immigration status, but again one needs a ‘secret decoder ring’ to figure out how someone, like this convicted Islamic terrorist, came to be in the US in the first place.

How are we going to assess which immigration channels to the US are flawed, if authorities never report which programs allow people like Elshinawy in to the US?

I’m going away for about ten days, so sorry that my blogging is spotty and will be absent starting Friday—no time to really dig in to this story, but wanted you to know about it.

From the Clairon Project:

FBI Reveals Explosive Details of Terror Conspiracy

The FBI just released details of what it describes as a “plan to accept money to fund a terrorist attack in the U.S. [that] was not a standalone plot—it led to the uncovering of a broader conspiracy involving an international ISIS financing network, shady shell companies, and a plan to develop weaponized drones for use by the terror group.”

The story was published after District Judge Ellen L. Hollander sentenced Mohamed Elshinawy, 33, of Edgewood, Maryland, to 20 years in prison. The plea bargain included admission of guilt to:

~conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization;

~providing and attempting to provide material support to ISIS;
terrorism financing;

~making false statements in connection with a terrorism matter.

The following is the full report from the FBI on this shocking story:

It was a counterterrorism investigation with an unusual twist—the suspect in a recent FBI Baltimore case was on the receiving end of money being transmitted into the United States from foreign terrorism operatives overseas, rather than the more common occurrence of a suspect sending money out of the U.S. to benefit a foreign terrorism group abroad.

And the money, as the suspect understood it, was to help him plan a terrorist attack on American soil.

More here.

You can read the government’s case here.

If anyone has some time to dig around in the many reports on this case and find anything about how he got to the US in the first place, send a comment with that information!  It would be much appreciated!