State Department’s Refugee Processing Center screws up (on purpose?)

Sometimes I don’t have interesting news (like refugee crimes or contractor corruption stories), but just basic information on how you can do your own research and find the facts on how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program works (yes, knowledge is power).

Today I went to Wrapsnet to check on processing country maps that are updated on the 5th of each month.  On October 5th the State Department contractor (the Refugee Processing Center) should have posted data through September 30th (for the whole of FY17) showing which countries process the most refugees in to the US (Turkey is usually tops). 

(See one recent discussion on ‘processing countries’ here)

I wanted to know how many ‘refugees’ Australia had processed in to the US as of September 30th.

But, over the years I have frequently checked to see how many illegal aliens (transformed into refugees) we are bringing from Europe—specifically Malta.

So what do I find?  A blank map supposedly showing processing countries from Oct. 1, 2017-Oct.5,2017.  So what is going on? The map for the whole fiscal year (2017) should have been up until the 5th of November.

Screenshot (918)

I was looking for ‘Map Arrivals by Processing Country as of SEPTEMBER 30th….’ at this page: //


When I clicked on ‘Map Arrivals by Processing Country’ this is what I get:


Screenshot (919)

Reporting period Oct. 1- Oct. 5?  Is Trump’s State Department as secretive as the previous one? Or just incompetent?