South Africa: Blacks attack black migrants as “xenophobic” violence returns

It probably never went away, but several news accounts of recent days suggests the attacks on immigrants to the “Rainbow Nation” have picked up lately.

Soweto looting

South African looters in Soweto last month. They are destroying the shop of a “foreigner.”


We have chronicled (see my archive here) the fact that South Africa’s black citizens are not welcoming to their fellow black Africans (they didn’t get the Nelson Mandela message I suppose!) from countries to their north.  They especially don’t like Somalis!

The international Hard Left (Commies, the Obamas and others) don’t like this bad news getting out broadly because they have much invested in the myth of South Africa as a “Rainbow Nation” now that the whites have been driven from power there.

And, part of that Leftist mythology is that anyone who has been discriminated against in the past couldn’t possibly discriminate against others, right!

As you read this remember these are not white people attacking the immigrants, they are black South Africans!  And, since they don’t want that fact to spread widely, you need to spread it widely!

Here is Deutsche Welle with the latest blame game!

South Africa: Xenophobic violence resurfaces

A number of recent violent attacks in South Africa have served as a reminder that xenophobic violence remains very much a reality in a country still struggling with attitudes towards migrants. [Obviously, they must use the word “xenophobic” rather than their preferred word “racist” for such violence since both sides are the same race!—ed]

Four people were reportedly killed in the Soweto area of Johannesburg last week by angry protestors. Mobs looted and destroyed properties belonging to foreign nationals, many of them Somalis, who were accused of selling fake and expired food products.

The attacks come 10 years after a series of xenophobic riots spread across the country, leaving at least 62 people dead and tens of thousands displaced.

“We don’t want these people!”

“[What we heard from] the people on the ground, was ‘we don’t want these people’,” he [Thifulifeli Sinthumule, Director of the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa], told DW. “Of course they’re talking about the non-nationals that we would normally call foreigners. So this tells us that, down on the ground, people are not welcoming, especially on the South African side.”

The government has been accused of sidelining the issue of xenophobic violence in South Africa. After the 2008 riots it joined civil society and international organizations in committing to prevent future attacks. However, the government insists the latest attacks are not xenophobic in nature, but a contestation over living resources and opportunities.

Loren Landau

Migration “expert” Loren Landau   //

Loren Landau, the Director of the African Center for Migration and Society at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, agreed that discrimination against foreigners is to blame for the violence.


Landau said that although many concerns in South African society are legitimate — such as unemployment, poverty and corruption — it has become easy for many locals to shift the blame for their problems onto migrants, rather than the politicians.


Somali community targeted in attacks

Although all foreigners in South Africa face the risk of violence, the Somali community has been increasingly targeted for robbery and violence.

Somali entrepreneurs — many of whom emigrated to South Africa in the 90s — have been highly successful in the commercial sector, creating employment opportunities for themselves by offering goods to customers at lower prices than many of their local competitors.

Although envious South African business owners have been blamed in part for inciting tensions with Somali communities, Landau thinks the problem goes much deeper.

Oh, geez, here we go! Likening South Africa to Donald Trump’s America!  We are not South Africa!

“I think it’s very clear — and South Africa is not alone in this if you look at the United States, Europe an Brexit — all around the world people blame outsiders.

Read the rest here.

See more of Landau’s theory yesterday at Quartz here.  The Left is trying desperately to figure out how to make the hatred and violence stop because it is ruining the myth they have built up about South Africa under black rule.

Don’t you be complacent! 

If you are reading this in the good ol’ USA and think this doesn’t have anything to do with you, think again!

As I told you in my post just yesterday, even during Trump’s Administration we are bringing black Africans (especially Somalis) from South Africa to Yourtown, USA (128 of them since last October) to save them from their fellow blacks running wild in South Africa.  (BTW, this movement of the unwanted black Africans from South Africa is being facilitated by refugee contractor Church World Service).

South Africa is a stable country (for now!) so their XENOPHOBIA problems are not ours!

If you want to do something, tell the White House that if they want to bring in South Africans, make it the prosperous and skilled white farmers!