“Soulmates”: Israel’s Netanyahu and Hungary’s Orban meet tomorrow in Israel

Here is an idea for Donald Trump today (the master at making Leftwing media heads explode).

Just as everyone is going crazy over Trump’s summit with Putin, he could invite Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House to discuss big beautiful border walls!


orban and Netanyahu

Haaretz calls them “soulmates.” Last year France 24 called them “spiritual brothers.”   //www.france24.com/en/20170718-spiritual-brothers-netanyahu-orban-meet-budapest


I can dream, can’t I!


israeli border wall

Israel’s border wall with Egypt


Today Orban will be in Israel meeting with Netanyahu and the far Left publication Haaretz gives us an idea of the magnitude of the media meltdown the US press would have if an Orban/Netanyahu/Trump event was scheduled!


Orbán Is Coming to Israel to Meet His Soulmate Netanyahu. Here’s How He’s Taking Down Hungary’s Democracy


[Article begins with long discussion about how the Hungarian government thwarted the gigantic 2015 wave of migrants entering Europe possibly with intelligence help from Israel.]

The message from the government to Hungarians was that refugees meant chaos and terror. It has been the message of a political campaign ever since, a campaign that has reaped unexpected dividends for Orbán, who will be making his first official visit to Israel on Wednesday.

Not only did it help his party Fidesz to a third consecutive landslide victory in the April election. It has made Orbán, the leader of a country of 10 million, the figurehead of the wave of populist politics sweeping Europe and a cherished partner and ideological soulmate of both Benjamin Netanyahu and the Trump administration.


While constructing their own fences, Hungarian officials inspected the ones built by Israel in the West Bank and on the Egyptian border. Israeli surveillance systems were purchased as well.

But on closer inspection, the Hungarian fence is smaller and less formidable than its Israeli counterparts. Its foundations are shallow, and at some places there are holes in the soft mud where people seem to have gotten through. Serbian criminal gangs offer to swiftly cut refugees a passage through and transport them all the way to Vienna for 3,000 euros per head. But the fence has still reduced the flow down to a trickle – and the Hungarian barrier has a couple of unique features.


Hungary is proud of its tough asylum policy. It claims it “has saved Europe,” and the Orbán government is demanding that the EU reimburse it for part of the billion euros it claims to have spent on the fences and “transit camps.” But whatever the efficiency of the fence complex, it’s obviously also a prop in the government’s political campaign at home.

United by a common enemy:  George Soros!

Orban and Soros

Soros organizations have now left Hungary:   https://www.reuters.com/article/us-soros-hungary/soros-foundations-to-quit-hungary-amid-political-hostility-idUSKBN1HQ2SJ

On October 30, 2015, in his weekly radio broadcast, Orbán supplied the face. It was of a man whose agents “support everything that weakens the nation-state” – the Hungarian-born billionaire and Holocaust survivor George Soros, “who maintains and finances the European human rights activism which encourages the refugees [to reach Europe].”


Soros’ Open Society Foundations has indeed been financing some of the nongovernmental organizations working on refugee rights. But that’s only a small part of what he has been doing in Hungary and other post-communist countries. For the last three decades, the Open Society Foundations has spent around $12 billion on promoting liberal democracy through education and activism.


Even if the government never mentions his Jewishness, Jews constantly feel it’s there. But not all Jews. At least one very prominent Jew is prepared to give cover to the anti-Soros campaign – Orbán’s host this week, Netanyahu.

Netanyahu and Orbán are so close on so many policies that Netanyahu’s anti-refugee policy could have been concocted in Budapest – and not just the new border fence with Egypt (which was originally built in response to a major terror attack in August 2011 but was quickly used by Netanyahu for political purposes and an obstacle to prevent the entrance of refugees).


The relationship with Orbán is so important to Netanyahu that he was willing to give him cover, despite the barely concealed anti-Semitic nature of the Soros campaign. In July 2017, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, Yossi Amrani, at the request of the leadership of the Hungarian Jewish community, issued a statement urging the Orbán government to drop the anti-Soros campaign.

The very next day, in an unprecedented slap down to an ambassador, Netanyahu ordered the Foreign Ministry to retract Amrani’s statement and issue a clarification saying that it was “in no way meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.”

This is a huge article and worth reading (it is always useful to read far-Left media reports)  Click here for more.

Come on Donald! Let’s have a border fence pow-wow with two experts on border protection and national sovereignty!

This is the perfect time to announce another summit!