Released prisoners demand the PA Ministry of Finance pay them their “release grant”

       “The released prisoners demanded that the [PA] Ministry of Finance pay the release grant, or what is known as the ‘presidential grant,’ by next Monday, Nov. 27 [2017]. They threatened to come to the Ministry of Finance from all of the districts on that day if [the grant] is not paid. In a press release that reached [the Palestinian news website] Al-Hadath, the released prisoners said that next Monday is ‘the decisive day in rescuing our rights from the grasp of [PA Minister of Finance] Shukri Bishara,’ according to the notice. […]
It should be noted that the released prisoners are accusing the Ministry of Finance of not paying a release grant to more than 6,200 Palestinian prisoners who have been released from the occupation’s prison since 2010, at a time when the Ministry of Finance is making an excuse for this due to financial hardship. It should be noted that on Monday a meeting will be held at the Ministry of Finance between Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake and Minister of Finance Shukri Bishara in order to discuss the issue.”

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