Refugee contractors begin political pressure to up refugee numbers for FY19; they want 75,000

We would sure like more in Kansas says refugee contractor—the International Rescue Committee (headed by moneybags Miliband).

Miliband in Manhattan

The IRC is headquartered in Manhattan where Brit David Miliband is pulling down an annual salary of nearly $700,000 as he places third world refugees in the heartland.

Here is the first news I’m seeing of the nine refugee contractors*** beginning their push to pressure the President to increase the ceiling for refugee admissions for Fiscal Year 2019 which begins on October 1, 2018.

Long time readers know that the President sets a CEILING for admission sometime in September and “consults” with Congress, but Congress, although it has the power to dole out money, has in the past just let the President pretty much do what he wants to do.

By demanding a ceiling that they know is unrealistic for this President, they will use the President’s ultimate number (likely low) to bludgeon him in the media yet again.

This revealing story is from KMUW in Wichita, Kansas:

Kansas Resettlement Agency Working To Increase Next Year’s Cap On Refugee Admissions

Under then-President George W. Bush, the highest ceiling on the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. was 80,000. Under Barack Obama, it was 110,000. President Donald Trump set this year’s cap at 45,000. [The Administration is not required by law to reach the cap/ceiling!—-ed]

Of course they don’t tell you that GW Bush might have set the ceiling at 80,000, but in some years barely reached 30,000!  The media here just wants to make Trump look especially evil.  They also don’t tell you that the contractors wanted Obama to set a ceiling of over 200,000 in his last year and he didn’t oblige them. But, you didn’t hear boo! about evil Obama!

They get paid by the head, so numbers matter!

WMUW continues….

“And based on the numbers so far, we’re looking at less than half that many that we were told would be allowed into the country,” says Harold Schlechtweg, the advocacy coordinator with the International Rescue Committee in Kansas.

Screenshot (1331)

Harold Schlechtweg, the advocacy coordinator with the International Rescue Committee in Kansas

In just a few months, Trump will set next year’s cap on refugee admissions into the U.S. And Schlechtweg is working to influence what that cap is.

He’s been meeting with community groups and members of the Legislature and Congress to build support for refugees in the state. He says the IRC, along with eight other resettlement agencies across the U.S., want to see the cap raised to 75,000 — the same number they recommended last year.

“Kansas can absorb its share of that 75,000,” Schlechtweg says. “We can absorb [them] in Kansas certainly and we think the country can absorb them. We’re a country of 300 million people. We can clearly get 75,000.”

Under then-Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas withdrew from the federal refugee resettlement program in 2016, citing security concerns. A separate agency, the Kansas State Office of Refugees, was established to work with the U.S. State Department to help settle refugees in the state via several resettlement organizations, including the IRC. [Readers, it does no good to ‘withdraw’ from the program because the feds simply turn over resettlement to one (or several) of these fake non-profit groups.***]


We think that he will listen if people at the grassroots level begin to express support for refugees,” Schlechtweg says, “so that’s our strategy right now is to build that kind of support very patiently.”

The money matters!!!

Another target is the Senate Appropriations Committee, which Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran sits on and which oversees spending.

“They actually don’t make that decision, but they can provide some influence,” Schlechtweg says. “We feel that we have to go out there and we have to make that argument and then we feel the more people who are working with us to make that argument then the more chances of success we will have.”

More here.

Looking for something to do?  Contact the White House and tell the Prez what you think. WH contact is in upper right hand column here at RRW.


***Here (below) are the big nine ‘non-profit’ organizations that monopolize all refugee resettlement in the US.

I post these as often as I can because new readers need to know that these quasi-government groups (funded with taxpayer dollars) are also politically pushing for more immigration of all sorts in Washington—they are not simply refugee advocates.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.