PA Spokesman condemns Taylor Force Act, says “the Martyrs and prisoners are sacred symbols of freedom, struggle, protecting human dignity”

Headline: "The [PA] government expressed its rejection and condemnations of the American Congress’ conditioning regarding aid"

"Official Spokesman of the [PA] National Unity Government Yusuf Al-Mahmoud expressed the government’s rejection and condemnations of Congress’s conditioning the continuation of the American aid to the Palestinian state’s institutions on the Martyrs’ (Shahids) and prisoners’ allowances (mukhassasat) being stopped (refers to the Taylor Force Act, which was passed into law on March 23, 2018; see note below –Ed.).
Al-Mahmoud said in a statement on Friday [March 23, 2018]: ‘The American Congress must demand to end the occupation, stop the suffering of the Palestinian Arab people, and threaten the occupation authorities that it will stop aiding them if they continue the occupation and settlement, as the occupation is the one causing the spilling of our people’s blood and their being put in its prisons.’
The official spokesman continued: ‘In the eyes of our people, our nation, and our cause, the Martyrs and prisoners are sacred symbols of freedom, struggle, protecting human dignity, and resistance to submission and humiliation. All of these titles are noble titles, and an anchored right of all humans, which cannot be bought or sold for any fortune in the world.’
The American Congress today approved a law to stop the financial aid to the PA if it continues to pay the allowances of the prisoners and the Martyrs.
The law has been transferred to the White House for final approval by [US] President [Donald] Trump (the law was approved by Trump the same day –Ed.)."

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