PA, PLO spokesmen reject Israel’s terror salaries law, salaries to prisoners, Martyrs’ families and wounded will continue

     “At a press conference dealing with the occupation’s decision to deduct the prisoners’ allowances (mukhassasat) from the tax money (see note below –Ed.) and the administrative prisoners’ strike, a number of [Palestinian] spokesmen emphasized the need to oppose the Israeli ‘law’ that violates all of the international agreements, and the need to support the administrative prisoners who are hunger striking. PLO Executive Committee member [and Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front] Wasel Abu Yusuf said at the press conference that was held yesterday [July 8, 2018] in Ramallah at the initiative of the [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs, the [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club, and the factions of national activity: ‘The leadership, led by [PA] President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, has emphasized its rejection of decisions that the Israeli government has made recently, and of the bills that the Israeli Parliament ratified regarding the deduction of amounts from our people’s money against what is paid to the families of the Martyrs (Shahids) and the prisoners.’
Abu Yusuf emphasized that they will continue to pay the allowances of the prisoners, the Martyrs’ families, and the wounded as usual, while pointing out the president’s statements at the Fatah Movement Central Council meeting yesterday (Sunday): ‘No one has the right to interfere in this matter; these are our Martyrs, our wounded, and our prisoners, and we will continue to pay them.’"
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