PA Ministry of Information: PMW is waging “wild incitement campaign” against PA radio station Voice of Palestine

       “The [PA] Ministry of Information believes that the wild incitement campaign that the Israeli center called Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) is waging against [the official PA] radio station The Voice of Palestine projects on the other – whoever it may be – what happens within its own entity [Israel], and that it [PMW] already waged other attacks against the Palestinian, Arab, and international media.
[The Ministry of Information] emphasized that the Voice of Palestine and all of our media outlets are the podiums of Palestine’s freedom and the eyes that stand watch in order to persecute the occupation’s terror against our people, our land, and the sites holy to Islam and Christianity.
The ministry said that this methodical campaign took place several days before the celebrations of World Radio Day that takes place every Feb. 13. The ministry said that the repeated claims of the Israeli center [PMW] are a part of the deceptive Zionist discourse – that is full of incitement and that is the sole sponsor of terror and the ugly racism – and [that PMW’s claims] are a broken and worn out record…”
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