PA Ministry of Information: Balfour Declaration is “the greatest crime in the history of mankind”

Headline: "[PA] Ministry of Information: The Balfour Promise is the greatest political and legal crime in history"
    "The [PA] Ministry of Information stated on the anniversary of the black Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration) that this promise is the greatest crime in the history of mankind and a political, legal, and moral sin whose heavy price is still being paid by our people with its blood and living flesh.
The ministry emphasized in a statement today, Wednesday [Nov. 1, 2017], that the fact that British Prime Minister Theresa May takes pride in the promise testifies to political insolence not yet seen by history, a strengthening of the violations of our people’s legal rights, and an insistence on supporting terror, settlement, and aggression.
The ministry stated that the promise and all of the ramifications are a legal offense that has no statute of limitations, and that everyone who advances it must be put on trial before the International Criminal Court. This is because a state cannot establish another state on land that it does not own, and it has no right to dispose of it freely under any pretext."

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