PA daily editorial: Balfour Declaration was “the greatest crime of the era” and celebrating it is “completion of this crime” Jews had “no right” to Palestine

Headline: “Al-Hayat Al-Jadida editorial: Balfour – the disgrace of British politics”
      “When it continues to celebrate the 100th [anniversary] of the greatest crime of the era that Britain committed against the Palestinian homeland, people, and future with the Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration,) what the government of Britain is doing is nothing but the completion of this crime and the slaughter of the basic moral and human values, so that the murderer will be able to continue to dance on the bodies of his victims! [Former British Foreign Secretary Arthur] Balfour – who gave something that was not his at all to one who has no right…There is nothing that can justify the celebration of this crime… and the 100 years since Balfour are 100 years of Palestinian suffering and 100 years of wars and struggles in this region. The first organized state-terror is the terror of the British crown through the Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration), which was nothing but colonialist plans to steal a homeland, expel a people, and rip apart a nation…
In insisting on celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Promise, British Prime Minister [Theresa May] is striving to forge and invent values that have no basis in the human and cultural system of ethics.”

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