PA and PLO officials respond to US decision to close the PLO office in Washington: There will be “severe consequences”

Headline: "Palestine opposes the extortion as the US acts to close the PLO office"
       "Senior Palestinian officials yesterday [Nov. 18, 2017] expressed their astonishment at the American government’s decision to close the PLO office in Washington as long as it does not carry out peace negotiations with Israel (sic., the closure came about due to the PLO’s breach of a Congressional mandate that they not sue Israelis in the International Criminal Court). They said that they will not surrender to extortion. […]
[PA] Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said: ‘This step, which is meant to close the PLO office, is an unprecedented step in the history of the American-Palestinian relations.’ In a statement published by [the official PA news] agency WAFA, he added that the closure of the office ‘will have severe consequences on the peace process and on the US relations with the Arab world.’"

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