Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants international pressure on Burma over Rohingya Muslims

My first thought when I saw this news, that the OIC was again ginning up a PR campaign to paint the Burma (Myanmar) Buddhist government as a bunch of Islamophobes and human right abusers, was this:

So why aren’t any of you big mouth countries displaying Muslim charity and inviting Rohingya to live in your countries?

Where are you Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE?



No fear! Burmese monks marched against the OIC in 2012:   //,11144,0,0,1,0#.WvQvj4gvw2w


Readers DO NOT FORGET!  The US has invited 14,882 Rohingya in the last ten years to live in your towns.  And, they are still arriving now even under the Trump Administration.

But, they are not being “welcomed” in to rich Muslim countries!


Here is the news from AFP:

Islamic nations seek global pressure on Myanmar over refugee crisis

Islamic foreign ministers on Sunday launched a campaign to mobilise international support for action against Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis, officials said.

Foreign ministers and diplomats of the 53-member Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) set up a campaign committee during two days of talks in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka.

OIC chief

Al-Othaimeen said Muslim nations had to “pressure the international community” to come down hard on Burma’s Buddhists! 

OIC secretary general Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen called the move a key step toward ending a crisis caused by the exodus of about 700,000 Muslim Rohingya from Buddhist-majority Myanmar into camps in Bangladesh.

He said the new committee would “mobilise and coordinate international political support for accountability for human rights violations against the Rohingya community.”

“This is very important. This is one of the concrete steps that has been taken to alleviate the problem for our (Rohingya) brothers and sisters,” he said.

Hey! One concrete step would be for you, member states of the OIC, to resettle the Rohingya community in your countries!

AFP continues……

Al-Othaimeen said Muslim nations had to “pressure the international community”.


The Rohingya have been persecuted for decades in Myanmar, where they are regarded as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denied citizenship.

More here.

I have been following the Rohingya controversy for over ten years (223 previous posts!) and can assure you that on many many occasions the Rohingya were not the victims, but the perpetrators of violence.

The OIC is smarting because Burma (Myanmar) refused them entry to the country a few years ago.

If there is to be a media pressure campaign, it should be a campaign against the members of the OIC for not taking in their Muslim “brothers and sisters.”

Cut the BS! We all know this is about the hijra and turning one nation after another in to an Islamic country!