Op-ed in PA daily compares Israeli Defense Minister to the Nazis

   “The man of the mafia and the Russian and Israeli bars [Israeli Minister of Defense] Avigdor Liberman is returning to his mafia roots with one difference – now, he carries a thick official stick as the Israeli colonialism state’s minister of war, and imposes his thuggery, racism, and inferiority on the Arab Israeli Parliament members, and Head of the Joint [Arab] List [party] Ayman Odeh in particular. This is due to the fact that the latter attacked the Israeli Police over the assault of the Palestinian and Jewish Israeli demonstrators who demonstrated in Haifa as a sign of resistance to the Israeli death army’s terror on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip… These statements did not come by coincidence now, but rather they have a connection to the nearing of the parliamentary elections in Israel. This is exactly as Liberman did on the eve of the previous elections for the Israeli Parliament when he wanted to increase the rates of voting. Now he is turning to another way of incitement against the Arab public in general, and not just against Ayman Odeh and the Arab Israeli Parliament members, and in this way he is effectively acting like those similar to him, the Nazis, and is preparing the public opinion on the Zionist Israeli street for [action] against the members of the Palestinian people with Israeli citizenship and persecuting them in the different spheres and fields of life within the lawless State of Israel that is hostile to law, coexistence, and peace.”

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