Op-ed by PLO legislator says Britain ought to be “ashamed” of the “despicable” Balfour Declaration

Excerpt of an op-ed by Khaled Jamil Mismar, member of the Palestinian National Council – the legislative body of the PLO

“[Britain] is not ashamed of the despicable act that the criminal [British Foreign Secretary Arthur] Balfour committed 100 years ago, and is not trying to cover its ugly image. It is silent before the peoples of the world out of shame before these peoples for what it committed against a people that is struggling, which lived in peace on its holy land… Britain is not ashamed… but rather adds to its error and shame and wishes to celebrate – yes to celebrate, O the shame – the 100th anniversary of the ominous [Balfour] Promise (i.e., Declaration) and forgets the pain and trouble that it has brought to our people during all of these 100 years. And behold Balfour’s descendant, the criminal Theresa May – Prime Minister of Britain – calls on the criminal [Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin] Netanyahu to openly celebrate this despicable crime together with her… Britain’s history is full of tragedies against the peoples of Asia and Africa. It exploited peoples in these lands, stole their assets, and sucked the blood of their inhabitants.”

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