Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews, according to PA-funded PLO magazine for children,

Headline: “The children of my country”

A poem by Syrian poet Sulaiman Al-Issa

“O children of my country, sing to the occupied homeland so it will be liberated
Sing for a wide space that will inspire the revolutionaries and the revolution
In the field so they will strike roots
Sing to the sun so it will send light for freedom
Sing to the moon so we will remain awake at night
Together with those who love my country
On summer nights
Inspiring those who love Allah
To hold the morning prayers
Together with those who come to the mosque
Sing by the order of Prophet [Muhammad]
that we carry a rock
That we will throw at the people of the Gharqad [tree] (i.e., the Jews, who according to Muslim tradition will try to hide behind the Gharqad tree when the Muslims kill them on Judgement Day; see note below)”