Members of Senate Jihad Caucus ask Trump for “robust” number of FY18 refugees; joined by two RINOs

A couple of years ago, when Obama was considering how many Syrian Muslims to admit to the US, a bunch of far Left Senators sent a letter demanding he admit 65,000 Syrians on top of at least another 100,000 refugees from around the world.

Murkowski and McCain

Two Republican Senators (Murkowski and McCain) demand Trump admit more third world poverty to America.

So, friends of mine coined the term ‘Senate Jihad Caucus’ to describe them, see one post here:

I had a good laugh here in September of last year when we saw that the New York Times had picked up our nickname for the group but couldn’t bother to link or even name where they got it!

Now we see that Republican Senators John McCain and Lisa Murkowski have joined that distinguished growing group.

Here is their letter (notice in this anti-Trump PR stunt they can’t even agree on what they think is the appropriate number so have opted for the Left’s favorite word—robust).


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