Lancaster, PA: Church World Service and new mayor want the city to continue as “refugee capital of the USA”

cws logoSo, federal refugee contractor Church World Service is beefing up its political activist activities with new hires and holding events like this one on Sunday in the heart of Amish country. (And they are not just protesting for more refugees, they want open borders for all!).

From Lancaster Online:

Lancaster advocates, leaders criticize immigration policies during ‘March for Humanity’

Decrying the strict immigration policies that have made the U.S. border harder to cross in both legal and illegal ways, Lancaster’s preeminent refugee resettlement organization led a call for action on Sunday.

“We have to stand up, be loud and lift our voices in solidarity with all of our neighbors regardless of where they’re from,” Stephanie Gromek, a spokeswoman for Lancaster’s Church World Service office, told a crowd of more than 100 in Penn Square.

CWS fuck

Marching for humanity?

In a “March for Humanity” event, CWS and civic leaders criticized several decisions by President Donald Trump’s administration — from reducing the number of allowed refugees to separating immigrant families at the border.

Trump capped refugee admissions last year at their lowest point since 1980.

The change led to CWS resettling 144 refugees in the last 10 months compared with 407 two years ago, director Sheila Mastropietro said. They’ve had to cut staff as a result and now have 23 full-time employees — three less than a year ago. [Three less, big deal!—-ed]

The group is now moving to bolster its advocacy role. With some new funds raised through the national organization, they’ll hire a new grassroots organizer to help refugees and immigrants become more active in the community — from volunteering to voting, Mastropietro said.



Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace was elected to office in November 2017

Matt Johnson, chief of staff to Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace, said the city is trying to build on its reputation as the place where more refugees are resettled per capita than anywhere else in the country.

“We can and we must do more,” Johnson said. “Our reputation as the refugee capital of the United States needs to be backed by redoubled efforts and even more commitment to immigrants and refugees.”

That includes creating a “language access plan” that ensures everyone can communicate with the government and certifying Lancaster as an official “welcoming city,” Johnson said. It also includes reasserting that city police will not do the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, he said.

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CWS can be Open Borders political agitators all they want—just not on our dime!

CWS is 74% funded (involuntarily!) by you!

See new accounting by Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies.  Over $68 million of your tax dollars went to them in 2016 alone!!!

Don’t miss my post about ten days ago: ‘Have you no shame John McCullough’ where I report on CWS’s CEO’s huge salary that you—taxpayers—largely fund!

Is your church affiliated with CWS? If so, I would be running for the door!

Also, remember that CWS holds the so-called ‘Crop Walks’ to raise even more money for their political activities.

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