In wake of deadly terror attacks, the Palestinian Democratic Union calls for escalation of violence, “particularly next to the settlements”

Headline: “FIDA called to strengthen the popular cohesion and national unity, and to escalate the means of popular resistance”

The Palestinian Democratic Union FIDA called on the members of our people wherever they are throughout historical Palestine (i.e., Palestinian term that includes all of Israel and the PA areas), and particularly in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, to escalate all of the means of popular resistance and to go out to the field, particularly at the points of conflict with the occupation forces and the areas of friction with the settlers, and particularly next to the settlements and the racist annexation and expansion wall. It also called on them to stand against the occupation soldiers and its settler herds to block them and force them to stop the series of attacks that have been strengthening over the recent hours against the citizens, their vehicles, and their property.
FIDA emphasized that the message sent by the blood of the Martyrs (Shahids) (apparently refers to terrorists Saleh Barghouti and Ashraf Na’alwa who were killed resisting arrest and terrorist Majdi Mteir who was killed while committing a stabbing attack; see notes below –Ed.) is directed to the occupation and its arrogance, and its message is that the continuation of this occupation and arrogance will not remain without a cost, and that every action has a response and our people will not calm down and will not be silent over the continuation of these crimes.”

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