Head of PLO prisoners’ commission accuses Israel of neglecting Palestinian prisoners’ medical needs

Headline: “During a visit to released [prisoners] and prisoners’ families in Qalqilya – Karake: ‘There is an increase in the cases of cancer among the prisoners; Abd Al-Qader’s condition is very serious’”
      “Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake… indicated that the rate of incidence of malignant cancerous diseases is rising in the prisons, which raises concern regarding the prisoners’ lives and health. This indicates that the prisons do not have the necessary things in terms of health, as routine checks are not conducted for the prisoners, which causes diseases to spread in their bodies and worsen to a dangerous situation. He also said that there are over 30 cases of cancer or malignant growths among the prisoners, in addition to the incidence of serious chronic diseases such as paralysis, disability , critical injuries, liver, kidney, and heart diseases, diseases of the spinal cord, lungs, and the like.”

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