Foreign Policy mag gives me credit for helping make the word “assimilation” in vogue with the Trump Admin

I thought Foreign Policy magazine was supposed to be a credible, thoughtful place where foreign policy eggheads debated the big issues of the day.  I guess not!

In a story entitled:

The Trump Administration Wants Refugees to Fit In or Stay Out

writer Lauren Wolfe says this (below) about RRW (and the Center for Immigration Studies) showing a complete lack of understanding of the on-going debate raised to new heights about the use of the words “assimilation” and “integration” during Obama’s tenure.

This is a post I wrote to explain it to my readers.  Although it began before Obama, Obama’s open borders agitators were bent on getting the word “assimilation” out of use throughout the government. Trump has just brought it back.  If Ms. Wolfe is giving me credit, I’ll take it!

Screenshot (964)

Keep it up girls! Everytime I think that 10 years of putting out the facts about refugee resettlement is long enough, along comes someone like Ms. Lauren here to inspire me to keep going!

You will have to read the whole story yourself, but here is the part that appears in my alerts today.

(You see how these Leftwing ‘journalists’ write, and Foreign Policy goes along with it, using hot button words to describe me, and then she doesn’t even link to the post I wrote on the subect, so readers won’t see what I did say!)

Ms. Wolfe….

Indeed, the language in the directive is suspiciously similar to the language used online by white supremacists and members of the alt-right, including Ann Corcoran, who in June 2013 lamented on her nationalist website, Refugee Resettlement Watch, that the term “‘assimilation’ is no longer a part of government lexicon and does not even occur in dozens of recent reports and papers generated about refugee resettlement. The operative term in vogue now is ‘integration’ with its clear intent of maintenance of ethnic identity.” And it’s not just that Trump’s determination echoes the language of racists and hate groups — such groups seem to have played a direct role in this language modification. The Sept. 29 White House fact sheet cites as a source the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group because of the “fear-mongering misinformation” it publishes about immigrants.

Do you know why she is so angry?

Hint: It is not about great-grand-pa!

She is angry because the Left has always controlled the language and they can’t stand it when we demonstrate that the jig is up!