Federally-contracted resettlement agencies do hold secret refugee planning meetings

We have been over this ground so many times I want to barf.

St. Cloud council meeting (2)

If the program is so wonderful for St. Cloud, OPEN THE MEETINGS!

US State Department contractors (non-profit groups paid with taxpayer dollars and hired to resettle refugees in your towns), hold quarterly “consultations” where they meet with other government agencies and sometimes representatives of ethnic groups they serve to discuss problems with refugees and to make plans for the next batch they are bringing in.

The US State Department in Washington says such “stakeholder” meetings are open to the public, but apparently that message hasn’t reached the arrogant contractors.

A picture is worth a thousand words and I am surprised this one is being used to illustrate an otherwise mealymouthed editorial in the St. Cloud Times.

Taxpaying citizens in St. Cloud have been barred from federal contractor Lutheran Social Service’s “quarterly consultations.”

By the way,  federal law requires the consultations, but they only started following the law in about 2013.

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Shame on the House Immigration Subcommittee for never getting to this huge and growing problem (citizen anger in refugee-saturated cities!) with the US Refugee Admissions Program in its rare “oversight” hearing this past week.

What you can do!

LOL! Have some fun in Minnesota and complain about closed meetings to your US Senator Amy Klobuchar who was running her mouth about more openness in government earlier this year!   She wants increased government transparency and accountability.  Tell her to start here!  We are told after all, that this is a federal program!