Fatah official visits families of slain terrorists and mother of terrorists serving life sentences

    “Fatah Movement Central Committee member, [Fatah Commissioner of Information, Culture, and Ideology, and Chairman of the PA-supported Yasser Arafat Foundation] Nasser Al-Qidwa said yesterday evening [Dec. 16, 2018] that Israel is an occupying power, and that it bears the responsibility for the escalation in the West Bank due to its arrogance and the continued targeting of members of our people by its army and the settlers. At the conclusion of a visit to the families of Martyrs (Shahids) Mahmoud Nakhleh (i.e., rioter killed in confrontations with Israeli soldiers) and Saleh Barghouti (i.e., terrorist, murdered a baby) and to the Abu Hmeid family (i.e., Um Nasser Abu Hmeid and her terrorist sons who have murdered at least 10) in the Al-Amari refugee camp, whose home was destroyed by the occupation (due to murder committed by Islam Yusuf Abu Hmeid –Ed.), Al-Qidwa added: ‘The continuation of the significant and dangerous Israeli policy of escalation will breach the status quo… This will lead to confrontations and prevent the continuation of activity in the framework of the political solution.’”
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