Fatah military wings in Gaza: US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a “crime,” call for “armed confrontation”

Headline: “Fatah’s military wings: We call on our people to [wage] an armed confrontation against the occupation”
       “The Fatah Movement’s military wings in the Gaza Strip published a statement in which they condemned what they described as [US President Donald] Trump’s crime in declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and transferring the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Fatah’s military wings said that the American decision is worthless and is a kind of mercy killing of the peace process and agreement, and that the Palestinian people will adhere to what deceased [PA] President Yasser Arafat said: ‘There is not one among us who will concede an inch of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine.’ Fatah’s wings explained that Trump’s decision is a declaration of war not only against the Palestinians, but also against the Arabs and Muslims throughout the world, and they called on the Fatah members and the masses of the Palestinian people to [wage] an armed confrontation against the occupation in [all] places where it is located.”

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