Facebook on the hunt to remove nationalist Burmese patriot monks from their platform

Burma is a Buddhist country and the Buddhists want to keep it that way.

That is the long and short of the battle between nationalist patriot monks and the Rohingya Muslim minority that has been increasingly aggressive in pushing for what they see as their rights.


monks in Burma

Angry monks fighting for their country and their religion!


Of course, the global Left is on the side of the Rohingya and therefore so is Facebook!

I’ve been following the Rohingya controversy for over ten years and the Rohingya are far from being pure as the driven snow having instigated many of the violent conflicts between the government and themselves which has played out in rural villages, but you would never know that to hear the mainstream media spine.

So now we learn that Facebook is hunting for monks on their platform in order to silence them and keep them from going around the biased media with their side of the story.

Burma (aka Myanmar) is far away. Why should Americans care?

Because the Rohingya are the largest Muslim refugee group entering the US right now under the Trump Administration!

Newsweek has the story:



A group of Myanmar hardline monks have pledged to stay on Facebook despite being banned for posting hate messages aimed at Rohingya Muslims.

Nationalist activists from the Southeast Asian country have been using the social networking site to share angry and violent propaganda that they consider as “the truth.” According to Reuters, the United Nations uncovered the abuse while investigating a possible genocide in Myanmar.

The group see Rohingya Muslims as illegal immigrants residing within the country. Around 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have now fled to Bangladesh out of fear, according to the U.N. and aid agencies.

Buddhist monk leader

Prominent nationalist Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu, removed from facebook!

After a string of Rohingya insurgent attacks in August last year [Yes, that means the Rohingya attacked first!—ed], the Myanmar army stepped in for what Washington has labeled as “ethnic cleansing.” Myanmar has outright denied the charges and claims it was fighting “Bengali terrorists.” [Don’t you just love this fast and loose language by the Newsweek reporter—Washington has labeled it ethnic cleansing! Who in Washington?—ed]

Facebook eventually stepped in and removed the accounts, but the nationalist monks responded by creating fake profiles.

Speaking to Reuters, Patriotic Myanmar Monks’ Union member Thusietta said it was a “violation of freedom of expression” to remove their content. “We will keep using Facebook with different names and accounts to tell the truth to people,” Thusietta said.

Another member, who had his account suspended by Facebook in May, said he has already made new profiles. Pinnyawenta pledged he would “continue to write about the truth.” Facebook had warned him several times to remove his posts.


Facebook told Reuters it was investing more in local teams to “understand and respond to Myanmar’s unique technical challenges.” “There’s always more we can do to get ahead of these repeat offenders, and we are committed to improving our detection tools to remove them from Facebook as quickly as possible,” Facebook said.

No social media service has more reach in Myanmar than Facebook, where nationalist hard-liners have been able to gather substantial followers by fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment.

One of the most prominent nationalist Buddhist monks, Ashin Wirathu, whose profile was removed from Facebook, recently admitted that other social networks such as YouTube and Twitter do not work as well.

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See my HUGE Rohingya Reports file where I have posted 225 previous stories about the Rohingya-as-victims issue over the last ten years.

When I first began reporting, the US State Department was dragging its feet on admitting the Rohingya because some are believed to be associated with Islamic terrorist groups in that region of the world.

Now the Rohingya are our number one Muslim refugee group being placed in your towns and cities.

Someone should write a book, much of your background research is already on these pages!

So what can you do? Post this story on Facebook by copying and pasting the link and be sure to use the photo — the world is not only for Muslims!