Editorial in PA daily attacking Hamas states PA transfers 4 million shekels a month to Gaza in prisoners’ salaries

Excerpt of editorial in the official PA daily

Headline: "Mahmoud Abbas ‘imposes sanctions’ in Gaza…"
      "What are the ‘sanctions’ of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas that Hamas claims that he is imposing on Gaza… What kind of sanctions are these that give and don’t take? President Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘sanctions’ allow a government expenditure of billions on Gaza over the last 10 years, during which money was transferred to all of the sectors of government employment and services in Gaza: to health and education, water and electricity, salaries for military and civilian state employees and to members of the [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council)… and the salaries of the prisoners in the occupation’s prisons and those who are released…. salaries of the prisoners and the released [prisoners]:4,446,000 shekels a month…"

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