Editorial in official PA daily conducts detailed comparison of images showing Abbas and US President Trump in meetings with Putin

Headline: “Two pictures”

“The first picture is of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas with Russian President Vladimir Putin during bilateral talks. In this picture we see President Mahmoud Abbas in his full political prowess… and the Russian president listening with attention and obvious respect.

The second picture is of US President Donald Trump together with President Putin in Helsinki. In this picture Trump is very embarrassed, with his head almost bowed, a concerned and vague look on his face, and pursed lips, while his hands are trying to fit together in a way that will save him from the moment of concern that is seen in his eyes. There is no talking in this picture, and Russian President Putin is looking into the distance with his head raised, without relating to his counterpart, as if he is telling the entire world: Where is the US at today with this president!

President Mahmoud Abbas, who does not have even one of the arsenals of the US – not military, financial, or other [weapons] – is glowing in his picture… as a statesman, a leader of a national liberation movement, and an international fighter for truth, justice, and peace. He is very sure of his political positions, of their correctness, of their justice, and of their necessity for potential just arrangements…
On the other hand, the US president with the financial and military empire does not look this way in the picture with the Russian president. He looks like a student after a rebuke from a teacher, and his embarrassment, which is seen in his angry facial features, is like the embarrassment of one who made a mistake and was unable to find an excuse!"