Dear Donald, Send refugee resettlement agencies to Puerto Rico!

Tomorrow or the next day, if you ‘welcome’ the admission of 40,000-50,000 impoverished people (in need of housing, food, and medical care) from Burma, DR Congo, Afghanistan, etc. to begin arriving on Sunday (Oct. 1, the first day of the new fiscal  year), all hell is going to break loose for you from the nine major federal resettlement contractors*** who will say you are mean and racist because they want at minimum 75,000 third worlders to care for.

Conversely, all those Americans who believed your campaign statements (like the one about how communities should have a say when their town is targeted for resettlement) and who believe 40-50 thousand is way too many, are going to be pretty ticked off.

Here is a compromise!

donald-trump smug


How about this:

Suspend the US Refugee Admissions Program for right now and send the employees of the nine federal resettlement contractors (they are all quasi-government agencies anyway) to help our people, the poor people of Puerto Rico rebuild their country

Give them some modest remuneration if necessary (travel expenses, food and shelter) and let them put their humanitarian drive to a very good purpose.

So what will they and their friends at the UN say, that you are mean and racist for helping Puerto Ricans?

What will the mainstream media, already raising a ruckus claiming you aren’t doing enough for our own people in Puerto Rico say (that you shouldn’t send so much help to the devastated island!).

***These are the nine major resettlement contractors, each is paid millions from the US Treasury every year to do their charitable good works. Let’s put them to work helping hurricane refugees in Puerto Rico!