Daily Caller headline writer has fallen for the spin—45,000 refugees is not a huge cut!

White House Prepares To Announce Huge Cut In Refugee Admissions

Just because Obama set a ceiling of an unrealistically high 110,000 for one of his 8 years (which was not realized), we are supposed to be thrilled about 45,000!

If the Daily Caller has its facts straight (and this isn’t a head-fake!), Trump’s State Department is proposing a ceiling of 45,000 refugees for FY18 which will do nothing to bring about needed reform.

Trump grin and Tillerson

If true, Trump has been fooled!

It will slow the flow some, and maybe a contractor CEO or two will have to take a pay cut (from their $200,000-500,000 a year salaries); low level staffers will get the boot; and some new resettlement sites might be put on hold—big deal.

Without any reform initiative from the White House, when Trump is no longer in office they will simply boost numbers to make up for lost time.

45,000 is NOT a significant reduction!

Even the sainted Obama had two years when he admitted between 50,000 and 60,000. George Bush had two years between 20,000 and 30,000!

The Daily Caller cites Axios that is reporting that Secretary of State Tillerson will go to the Hill on Wednesday to “consult” about their 45,000 refugee cap—a number which is making the career bureaucrats angry, we are told. (Of course, they want a much higher number.)

Axios says Stephen Miller in the White House wanted 20,000.

We maintained that in light of Harvey, Irma and Maria (American refugees!) the program should have been suspended.

45,000 will not win Trump any brownie points with the Open Borders left, the resettlement contractors, and Chamber of Commerce types, so he should have gone the whole way, suspended the program and told Congress to reform it.

Mark my words….

As soon as Trump is no longer in office, the Dems and the RINO establishment will up the number above 100,000 to make up for lost time and a window of opportunity to review the program will have been lost.