Belgian funded PA school named after terrorist transfers name to two other nearby schools: “Beit Awwa did not lose the name Dalal Mughrabi”

      “The Southern Hebron Education Directorate (i.e., branch of the PA Ministry of Education) began the school year yesterday [Aug. 29, 2018] in The [Belgian] School – Tala’ei Al-Janoub (i.e., Belgium-funded school whose name was recently changed from Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Coed Elementary School after PMW exposed it was named after a terrorist) and the Martyr (Shahida) Dalal Mughrabi Elementary School for Girls (i.e., school that was renamed after the terrorist who led murder of 37, 12 of them children after the Belgium-funded school had its name changed)… The principal of The [Belgian] School – Tala’ei [Al-Janoub], Badria Al-Sweiti, emphasized that Beit Awwa did not lose the name Dalal Mughrabi, but rather the name was transferred to The Beit Awwa Elementary School for Girls. She added that the [PA] government has laid the cornerstone for a second school named after Dalal in Beit Awwa (i.e., The Second Dalal Mughrabi Republic School).”
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