Abbas and Fatah official accuse Israel of inciting against the Palestinian leadership and attempting to assassinate Abbas, “as they poisoned� Arafat

     "In his response to the Israeli threats and to the settlers’ incitement to murder him, the president recently told members of the press in Cairo: ‘They can kill me in my home with bullets or with a missile at any given moment. They can also kill me with poison, as they poisoned the late [PLO Chairman and PA] President Yasser Arafat (sic., scientific teams have debunked this conspiracy; see note below) and killed [Palestine Liberation] Organization leaders in the past – but I will not surrender. Life is in Allah’s hands, and even if they kill me, it will not solve their problems.’
President [Abbas’] advisor on Foreign Affairs [and International Relations] Nabil Shaath said: ‘The Israeli incitement against President Abbas that is increasing these days is very similar to what happened to Martyr (Shahid) President Yasser Arafat, as the two leaders acted in the same way facing the pressures and refused to renounce our people’s legitimate rights.’ He added: ‘We are all potential Martyrs; we will continue to stand firm and will not surrender in order to save ourselves.’
Shaath noted that President Abbas is repeatedly saying in his meetings abroad that ‘he will not betray his cause and will not renounce Jerusalem and the refugees’ right [of return].”"
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