Fatah official: PA to boycott Israeli products, turn to international courts over “theft� of funds cut from Israeli transfer of tax money

Headline: "Al-Aloul: A series of steps will be implemented in order to deal with the occupation's decision to steal the tax money"
      "Fatah Movement Deputy Chairman [and Fatah Central Committee member] Mahmoud Al-Aloul announced that the committee appointed to execute the [PLO] Central Council's decisions has decided to carry out some steps in order to deal with Israel's decision to steal the Palestinian money (referring to the implementation of a law to deduct terror salaries from PA tax money; see note below –Ed.), including boycotting Israeli goods. Al-Aloul said in statements to [the official PA] radio [station] The Voice of Palestine: 'A committee has been established to prepare a list of Israeli products that have a local alternative, in order to prevent the entry of these Israeli products into the Palestinian market.' … He also emphasized that the committee has decided to turn to the international courts in order to put Israel on trial for the theft of the tax money, in addition to implementing steps regarding reexamining all of the types of relations with Israel on all levels."

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