Song on PA TV to Britain: “We will erase the memory of the Balfour Declaration;” “We are rooted in this land from the days of the Canaanites”

Song “Listen Balfour, Listen” performed by Qassem Al-Najjar and Shadi Al-Burini

Lyrics: “O Balfour, years have gone
Generations have gone until now
You have gone and others have gone, yet this is the land of Palestine
Regardless of the time that passe…

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How more of your money flows out of Washington to non-profit groups that ‘help’ immigrants and refugees

The grant program is known as the ‘Ethnic Community Self-help Program’ run out of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS). At one point I followed their activities closely and began a file on it, see here, but too much breaking news pushed the subject to the back burner. First, as you know, nine federal […]

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Fatah thanks boycotters of Jerusalem municipal elections; Jerusalemite Palestinians are “the Canaanite owners of the land” whose history, holy places, and heritage are being “erased”

     “The Fatah Movement saluted with honor and appreciation ‘the members of our people and our heroes, the residents of Jerusalem, who have proven for the 1,001st time that Jerusalem, with its residents, alleys, mosques…

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