Palestinian Football Association blames PMW for Rajoub’s suspension from FIFA

“From the first moment that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee launched a series of proceedings on May 29, 2018, at the request of the Israel Football Association and one of the Israeli extremist right-wing organizations [PMW], it was clear to us that there is a deliberate intent to ban Palestinian Football Association Chairman Jibril Rajoub from being involved in football – something that apparently will not end with this decision, which we find very strange and whose timing we condemn… The Disciplinary Committee decision was based on the claims of an Israeli organization of settlers on the occupied lands (PMW’s office is in west Jerusalem –Ed.), who call themselves Palestinian Media Watch (Palestine Media Watch) [English name repeats in parentheses in source]. These claims are connected to statements that were attributed to Jibril Rajoub on a Lebanese TV station in 2013 (Reference to Rajoub on ebanese Al-Mayadeen TV that was one of many sources in PMW’s first complaint against Rajoub; see note below- Ed). Regarding the apparent threat to Argentinian player Lionel Messi, we wonder how legal it is that a third party [PMW/IFA] – which is not a neutral side and which is in an unresolved dispute with the Palestinian [Football] Association before FIFA (i.e., FIFA has not yet ruled on PMW’s first complaint against Rajoub and the PFA) – would submit a complaint on behalf of Messi, which is something that neither he nor the Argentinian [Football] Association has done.”
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