PA TV interviews charity that rebuilds houses demolished by Israel that belonged to terrorists

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on Ramadan activities of the Al-Makarim Charity Association, hosting Al-Makarim Charity Association Spokesman Abdallah Al-Arabid

Official PA TV host: “We are talking about the Al-Makarim Charity Association’s campaigns in Ramallah. You are starting this campaign now, a campaign of food packages at a tent erected in El-Bireh Plaza in order to distribute them to needy families in Gaza.”
Al-Makarim Charity Association Spokesman Abdallah Al-Arabid: “Yes, the truth is that the Al-Makarim Charity Association has a number of activities. Its most important activity in the past was renovating houses for the needy brothers, prisoners, or Martyrs (Shahids)- the destroyed houses - that the Israeli army destroyed their houses. Allah be praised, over 70 houses have been completed in this project. Every year in Ramadan the association also has a role in distributing food products to members of our people, regardless of where you turn- in all of the districts…”

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