PA police arrested 31 for gambling and eating in public during Ramadan

Headline: "An uproar in Ramallah after the police arrested people who broke the fast in the daylight hours of Ramadan"
      "The Palestinian police operation in Ramallah against people who broke the fast during the daylight hours of Ramadan provoked many responses, for and against, on social media. [PA] Police Commissioner Hazem Atallah ordered to launch an investigation [of the arrest] and check the proceedings of the arrest of 31 people in a café in Ramallah. This was following their release, and after their statements were heard. [PA] Police Spokesman Luay Erzekat said that the Ramallah district police arrested 31 people today (Wednesday) [June 6, 2018] in a café in the center of the city, on the suspicion that they played gambling games in the café and publicly broke the fast.  Erzekat said: 'The Ramallah police received many complaints from citizens about many people playing gambling games, bothering citizens, and desecrating the sanctity of the month of Ramadan in the café.' He added: 'As a result of this, a police force was dispatched, and when it arrived it became clear that there were 31 people in the café. They were taken to the police station in order to hear their statements and clarify whether there was truth to the complaints.' He noted that Jordanian Penal Code No. 16 of 1960 (which is used in the PA –Ed.) criminalizes whoever plays gambling games, whether in a public place or a private place."

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