US and Israel will drown in the ocean, because “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” – animation by Abbas’ Fatah

Text and video posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “#Jerusalem. is an Arabic & Islamic city, what ever you claim Mr. #Trump !!”

The video shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump floating on a white raft in the middle of the sea, with a sign on which is written in Hebrew, Arabic, and English: "US Embassy," and Israeli and American flags. He is holding a paper on which is written in English: “Jerusalem capital of Israel,” and is heard saying “and Jerusalem is Israel's capital.” Immediately after his declaration, the raft breaks in two, and Trump drowns together with the Israeli flag. Netanyahu jumps into the water as well and disappears. The sign flips, and the reverse side of it reads in English and Arabic: "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine." A ship flying the UN flag and the flags of a number of countries including Ireland, Turkey, Lebanon, and other Arab countries then pulls up to stop by the raft. On the ship an elderly woman wearing a Palestinian flag and a younger woman dressed in black, meant to represent Ahed Tamimi, are seen waving.

This video was posted by Abbas’ Fatah Movement on Facebook on the day the US embassy opened in Jerusalem.
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