Abbas welcomes mother of 5 terrorists to headquarters in Ramallah

    “[PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas welcomed ‘Khansa of Palestine’ Um Nasser [Abu] Hmeid (i.e., mother of five terrorist sons) yesterday [April 25, 2018] at the [PA] presidential headquarters in Ramallah. She is the mother of five prisoners, four of whom are serving long life sentences in the occupation’s prisons while the fifth is an administrative detainee (sic., four are prisoners and one is dead). Um Nasser said after the meeting: ‘I am proud to meet with the president. We salute him for his positions supporting the prisoners, for his vigor in taking care of their families, and for taking an interest in their welfare.’ She added: ‘I conveyed to his honor the president the blessings of the prisoners and their support for him and his efforts to realize our people’s hope…’ Um Nasser continued: ‘The president emphasized that no peace agreement will be signed without all of the prisoners being released...’”
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