Op-ed in official PA daily: Israel – “the colonialist satanic plant” of the West “to get rid of the problem of the Jewish ghetto” – will not survive because the “Zionist project… is a project that rejects life”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily

       “The core and essence of the Anglo-Saxon-Israeli connection were never a secret to anyone, or unclear and vague, because their foundations are obvious and clear, and they are based on the mutual relationship between the Anglo-Saxon decision maker and funder and the Zionist project, so that it will carry out the role and mission required of it. Therefore, the owner of the project of Israel is the West, the entire capitalist West, and the fact that there are differences of opinion and even criticism between the capitalist bodies according to hierarchy and status does not in any way mean that they have a disagreement about protecting and perpetuating the status of Israel – the colonialist satanic plant in the region on the ruins of the Palestinian people’s Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel)... 
Therefore, to the extent that the national, popular, political, and diplomatic struggle develops, we will achieve two goals simultaneously: 1. To enable building foundations for a political, possible, and accepted agreement; 2. The splitting and fragmenting of the Zionist project, because it will not be able to continue to exist without the Anglo-Saxon financial and security aid, and particularly because it is a project that rejects life.”

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