Fatah eulogizes terrorist stabber “who died as a Martyr… on the [Israeli] claim that he carried out a stabbing operation”

Headline: "Fatah eulogized Martyrs Zamaarah and Al-Tayeh"
     "The Fatah Movement Mobilization and Organization Commission eulogized its Martyr (Shahid) Hamza Zamaarah (i.e., terrorist, wounded 1), who died as a Martyr today [Feb. 7, 2018] on the [Israeli] claim that he carried out a stabbing operation, and its Martyr Khaled Al-Tayeh, who died in clashes in Nablus last night. In a statement the commission said that the Fatah Movement is continuing in resistance to the Israeli occupation and its settlers, while at its side are all the members of our heroic Palestinian people wherever they are.' ...
The movement emphasized that it, together with all of the Palestinian forces, will remain the vanguard of our people on the path of struggle until the implementation of national independence on the Palestinian land, and the realization of our people's aspirations for freedom and independence."
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