Image posted on the Facebook page of Fatah Commission glorifies first female Palestinian terrorist who murdered 1 and wounded over 100

Picture and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information, Culture, and Ideology

The picture shows the first Palestinian female suicide bomber, Wafa Idris, who murdered 1 and wounded over 100. She is wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress), which the Palestinians consider a national symbol.

Posted text: "On this date, Dec. 28, 2002 (sic., Jan. 27, 2002) a massive explosion took place on an Israeli bus (sic., the explosion took place in the street) in the center of Jerusalem, in which 90 Israelis were killed and wounded (sic., 1 murdered, over 100 wounded). The one who carried it out was Martyr (Shahida) Wafa Idris, 27, a refugee from the city of Ramle and a resident of the Al-Amari refugee camp in Ramallah.
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Wafa Idris – The first Palestinian female suicide bomber. Belonging to Fatah, she blew herself up on Jaffa Road in central Jerusalem on Jan. 27, 2002, murdering 1 and wounding over 100. As a volunteer for the Palestinian Red Crescent she was able to bypass Israeli security and enter Jerusalem in a Palestinian ambulance.

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