Abbas calls on Arab world leaders to “defend Jerusalem” against US recognition of the city as cIsrael’s apital, which he calls a “dangerous step”

Official [PA] Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said that President Abbas has held a series of important talks with several Arab leaders and several world leaders in order to warn about the reports on the transfer of the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem, or on [American] recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel (a matter which is serious to the same degree) [parentheses in source]…
Abu Rudeina added that the president explained to the [world] leaders… that it is necessary to act immediately in order to prevent the possibility that such a step will be taken. He said: ‘We emphasize that if this American step is taken, it will put the region onto a new track and a dangerous stage, whose consequences will be uncontrollable.’
He said that the president will continue to make efforts in the coming hours and days to thwart this dangerous step. He also emphasized that if this decision is carried out it will be unacceptable, put an end to any prospect of the political process, destroy the efforts to enter a peace process, and heighten the tensions in the region, particularly in light of the changes and winds of war blowing in the region.”

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