Right Wing Watch watching ACT for America

Our old friend Miranda Blue either went to the ACT for America gathering on Capitol Hill this week or watched on line (was it on line?).  You can read her report here listing the Members of Congress who spoke to the pro-America, pro-western civilization activists gathering and a few things about what they said.


Miranda Blue is the research editor at People For the American Way. Her work has included investigations into the anti-abortion “personhood” and “rescue” movements, uncovering the work of American anti-LGBT activists around the world, and exposing attacks on voting rights. //www.rightwingwatch.org/post_author/miranda-blue/

For the sake of time, I’m posting only what she said about Rep. Steve King. She is not a fan about his desire to save western civilization as I learned when she linked my comments to King’s previous one:

“We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Here is Blue on what King said to the ACT gathering:

King, true to form, used his time to extol “American civilization” and criticize multiculturalism.

He told the audience the story of a liberal San Francisco woman whom he had met on a plane who had told him that “one of the most great experiences that she had was some event out in California where they had all the people there were speaking so many different languages, they brought so much different food, they wore so many different clothes, you looked at all that, and she saw all that diversity and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life.”

“And it sounded to me,” he said, “like the recreation of the Tower of Babel was what she thought was utopia for America. And I’m fine with all of the languages, we have all kinds of people in the world we need to communicate with. But there’s something that goes along with the English language that is a gift to this country.”

He was met with loud applause.

Endnote: Looking at Blue’s bio, I wonder does she work exposing Muslims who are anti-LGBT activists around the world in addition to Americans, or might that be too dangerous?

Blue on twitter: @bluemir

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